Fog-free Bathroom Cabinets with Heated Mirror

Tired of finishing your shower to be greeted by a steamed up mirror that you can't even see yourself in? Try fog-free bathroom cabinets. These sleek, modern units feature subtle internal heating inside the mirrored surface. As it gently heats up, it eliminates the problem of condensation, leaving you with a crystal clear reflection - no matter how steamy your shower gets. more

Demister & Heated

Demister cabinets 

Mist on a bathroom mirror can be extremely frustrating; not only does it make post-shower beauty routines difficult, but trying to clear mist away using your hand can leave unsightly marks!

That’s where our demist cabinets come in. Utilising heated demister pads, our bathroom demister cabinets clear away mist in an efficient, effective and clean manner that ensures your mirror looks as good as the day you bought it.

As with all of our mirrored cabinets, our illuminated demister bathroom cabinets have been designed with quality in mind and utilise energy-saving technology. 

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