Large Bathroom Cabinets

Our large bathroom cabinets are just the right size to sit perfectly over a double basin or large vanity unit. Within our extensive range, you'll find a large selection of units, ranging from 900mm to 1200mm in width, which is guaranteed to look beautiful in any style of bathroom. more


Large bathroom cabinets

Our range of large bathroom wall cabinets is the perfect option for larger bathrooms and larger families. Featuring crystal clear mirrors and a vast storage space for toiletries, this is the ultimate bathroom cabinet!

All of our large bathroom cabinets come with high quality LED or florescent bulbs and have an array of innovative and useful features including:

  • Internal shaver sockets
  • Heated demist pads
  • Sensor switches

Every mirror in the range comes with a 10 year warranty and can be delivered the next day if order before 4pm.

  1. Halo Two Door LED Bathroom Demister Cabinet Halo Two Door LED Bathroom Demister Cabinet
    Pre - order
    Halo Two Door LED Bathroom Demister Cabinet
    H:600mm x W:900mm x D:140mm
  2. Alba Edge Bathroom Cabinet Alba Edge Bathroom Cabinet
    Pre - order
    Alba Edge Bathroom Cabinet
    H:600mm x W:800mm x D:150mm
  3. Esplin Edge Bathroom Cabinet Esplin Edge Bathroom Cabinet
    Pre - order
    Esplin Edge Bathroom Cabinet
    H:700mm x W:1000mm x D:150mm
  4. Eliza demister bathroom cabinet Eliza demister bathroom cabinet
    Pre - order
    Eliza demister bathroom cabinet
    H:600mm x W:1200mm x D:145mm
  5. Yalizni Edge Cabinet Yalizni Edge Cabinet
    Pre - order
    Yalizni Edge Cabinet
    H:600mm x W:1200mm x D:150mm
  6. Adaria Edge Cabinet Adaria Edge Cabinet
    Pre - order
    Adaria Edge Cabinet
    H:700mm x W:1500mm x D:150mm