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We don't usually think of bathroom cabinets and mirrors as
requiring a lot of technology.

Bathroom Cabinet World cabinets, however, use a surprising amount of technology to
create a luxury bathroom mirror or cabinet that stands out from the rest. From extra bright
LEDs to Bluetooth connectivity, you'll find we incorporate technology into a previously
low-tech product in order to deliver something that makes your life easier and more
Find out more about the technology in used in our bathroom cabinets below.
Our no-touch infrared power sensors use
the motion-sensing technology to turn your
cabinet lights and mirror demister on and
off. Simply wave your hand 3-6 inches in
front of the power sensor and you can turn
your bathroom cabinet lights and demister
on or off with just a simple motion. No
more fumbling for a switch and no more
wasting electricity.
Our bathroom mirror demister utilizes a
heated pad inside the mirror that is
activated by powering on the mirror. This
prevents the build-up of moisture on the
glass, allowing you to see clearly. The
mirror demister powers off when you turn
off the cabinet lights.
Your bathroom cabinet should do more
than just store your toiletries. Our
bathroom cabinets feature shaver sockets
built into the storage area, allowing you to
charge your electric shaver as it sits on the
shelf so your shaver is always fully charged
and ready to go.
Bluetooth Audio
We use Bluetooth audio technology to turn your bathroom cabinets into a sonic experience. Whether it's relaxing in the bathtub or getting energized before work, our cabinets with Bluetooth audio technology bring music to your bathroom.
LED Technology
Our LED bathroom cabinets are lit with power-saving LED lights and are available in standard brightness and extra bright. Lighting is a key component in any bathroom mirror, but great lighting doesn't have to use a lot of energy.
Ambient Under
Cabinet Lighting
You don't always need stark, bright light
from your bathroom cabinet. Sometimes a
soft, ambient light allows you to see just as
well while offering a gentle and stylish
means of lighting your bathroom.

These cabinets provide the bright light you
need from your bathroom cabinet, but they
also include a softer ambient light beneath
the cabinet for illuminating your faucet and
countertop. Our collection of ambient
lighting bathroom cabinets provides one of
a kind selection as well as top value.
Colour Change Lighting
Bathroom Cabinets
A little ambient lighting can really change
the feel of a room. The colour of the light
can impact your mood, complement your
décor, and create a sense of elegance and
style. Our bathroom cabinets with colour
change lighting utilize energy efficient LEDs
and offer a diverse selection of
programmable colours. View our collection
of bathroom cabinets featuring colour
change lighting below.

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