Battery Powered LED Bathroom Cabinets

Light up the room with a battery powered bathroom mirror cabinet. Sleek and modern, these convenient storage solutions feature mirrored doors and come complete with integrated lights. LED lights are a practical solution to your bathroom needs. Even if you don't have a socket handy, you'll still be able to use these mirrored cabinets to shave, apply your makeup or style your hair with helpful extra illumination. more

Battery Powered

LED Battery Cabinets

Our LED battery powered cabinets provide all the benefits of our standard LED mirrors without the need to connect the cabinet to the mains.

This makes our LED battery operated cabinets extremely versatile, allowing you to decide when and how often you want to use your LED lights at the pull of a cord.

The difference in power source doesn’t make these cabinets any less desirable, however; they still come in a wide range of gorgeous designs and will suit anyone looking to introduce a bit of style to their bathroom. 

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