Bathroom Cabinets with Ambient Under Lighting

Set the perfect mood with a bathroom cabinet with ambient under lighting. All too often, there's only one choice for lighting in the bathroom: stark, bright white. That's great if you're shaving or putting on makeup, but it can be blinding if you want to lie back and soak in the tub, or just relax a little. These cabinets contain an additional ambient lighting mode, which creates a gently lit atmosphere that's ideal for those nights when you need a soothing bath. more

Ambient Under Lights

Ambient bathroom cabinets

Find your bathroom less than relaxing? Our range of ambient bathroom cabinets could make the difference.

Using soothing coloured light, these illuminated bathroom cabinets bathe your bathroom in a soft, relaxing light perfect for winding down in the bath, or just creating a chilled out vibe.

We have mirrored bathroom cabinets with the following features:

  • Internal shaver sockets
  • Demister pads
  • Sensor switches to turn your lighting on and off without making contact

All of our ambient bathroom cabinets are crafted with care and quality. Feel free to browse our collection, and don’t hesitate to give our team a call with any questions. 

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  1. Ambient k467 Lighted Edge Cab
    H:600mm x W:1200mm x D:150mm
    In stock
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