At Bathroom Cabinet World, we're committed to making sure that you achieve your dream bathroom, whether you're going for a total modernisation or you want to upgrade some of the classic pieces that you already have. But your units are only half the story! Once you've got your dream bathroom in place, keeping it organised, and clean is the next challenge. Here are our top tips for organising your bathroom cabinet!

Invest in caddies

One of the biggest culprits behind bathroom clutter is people not putting their personal care items back where they found them, which leads to things building up in easy to reach places where they can be idly stored while your actual storage spaces stay empty. By ensuring that each family member has their own box or caddy to put their necessaries in, and to put them back in after they've used them, you will ensure that they always know what goes where and won't leave it up to you to put them back again.

Deep clean, then de-clutter

Another must-do before you get round to re-organising your bathroom cabinet is the all-important de-clutter. You can't beat the laws of physics, and if there's too much stuff, then you'll never be able to fit it inside your shiny new Bathroom Cabinet World piece. Before you even try to re-organise, throw away any duplicate items you may have picked up over the years, and decide whether you're ever going to use those soaps you got for Christmas five years ago or that old sponge that's seen better days.

Keep like with like

One of the biggest problems people find with keeping their bathroom organised is where to put things. We naturally tend to keep items we use most in areas that are close at hand, like surfaces, but by doing this, we're not storing things efficiently. We're not storing them in a logical order - so it's harder to find anything specific. It's much better to keep similar items together - all your cleaning products, all your shampoo, all your soap etc. in the best place you can find to accommodate them. That way, not only will you always know where they are, but they'll be in a place best suited for their size and shape.

Get creative

It may sound dry, but compartmentalising and storing your bathroom products don't have to look like a filing system. Plain boxes can be excellent for storing items, but if it all sounds a bit dull to you, then you have a licence to get a bit creative with how you store things. Mason jars can be great for keeping a variety of things secure and clean, from cotton buds to make-up pads, and toothbrushes can live in old vintage or antique vases. Old shoe boxes can also be a useful and eco-friendly way of storing things, especially if you augment them with dividers. Any container you can't find a home for can be of use, and it will help keep your bathroom cabinet looking organised too.